Neural Engineering

Transformative Technologies

Work Package: WP4
Programme: P10
Deliverable: Deliverable 10.1: “Sources of noise in neural mass models”

Deliverable due date: month 10

This document reports on the progress of work on Deliverable 10.1. All the planned tasks related to this Deliverable have been accomplished. Obtained results have been submitted to “Frontiers of Computational Neuroscience” peer-reviewed journal in October 2014 and published in January 2015 under the Open Access policy, which makes it accessible with no restrictions under the following link:
This publication is a scientific part of the Deliverable 10.1 and this “Project Deliverable Report” document focuses on its relation to the NETT proposal.
In the NETT 289146 Grant Annex, we stated in the context of Deliverable 10.1 and 10.2: “P10 addresses modelling at a mesoscopic level of neuronal activity to complement experimental data obtained using neural mass models; it will study the effects of noise, and relate the results obtained with potential coordination malfunctions leading to aberrant synchronized behaviour and subsequently to neurological disorders.”
In the aforementioned publication we described our implementation of a neural mass model and proposed by us enrichment with a source of temporally correlated noise. This type of noise more realistically resembles physiological effects than the white noise, which is usually used in this kind of modelling. In our approach the source of noise acts on pyramidal neurons and stands for a lumped background brain activity, which in spectral domain resembles activity of the neocortical network. We study effects of this noise and derive theoretical results, which are in line with experimental EEG recordings. Moreover, we make predictions that go beyond constraints of the experimental setup.
In such a way we accomplish Deliverable 10.1 and “modelling at a mesoscopic level and study of effects of noise [with relation to experimental data]”. The remaining part of P10, that is “relating the results with potential malfunctions [of the brain]” will be reported in Deliverable 10.2.

Contributors: Maciej Jedynak, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Antonio J Pons (UPC)