Neural Engineering

Transformative Technologies

Work Package: WP5
Programme: P12
Deliverable: 12.1: Development of a prototype LabView based system for automatic whole cell patch clamp recording

Deliverable due date: month 12.

This document reports on the progress of work on Deliverable 12.1. In project P12, the ESR11 has been working on the development of a two-photon targeted patch-clamping robot; this is a specific instance of optogenetic BCI technology with significant prospects for high throughput in vivo drug characterization as well as reverse engineering neural circuits. It is a deviation from the initial project plan, since by the start of NETT, Imperial had already completed the tasks associated with the project. Thus a new, but related, project was commenced to replace P12. This builds on the original P12, by adding the capacity to target multiple individual glass recording pipettes onto visualised neurons
in vivo, in order to stimulate action potentials by passing current into them, to control the membrane potential of neurons, or to monitor their membrane potential. This provides a “gold standard” single neuron interfacing technology.
The deliverable 12.1 was changed to: “Development of a prototype LabView based system for automatic whole cell patch clamp recording”. All the planned tasks related to this Deliverable have been accomplished. Obtained results have been presented at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference 2013, San Diego [1]. This publication is a scientific part of the Deliverable 12.1 and this “Project Deliverable Report” document focuses on its relation to the NETT proposal.
In the aforementioned publication we described our implementation of a non-visual guided automatic whole cell patch clamp recording system and a strategy for two-photon guided electrode placement. In such a way we accomplish Deliverable 12.1 and provide a strategy for targeting cells in a visual guided paradigm. The remaining part of P12, that is the demonstration of an automated whole cell patch clamp recording, will be reported in Deliverable 12.2.
[1] L.A. Annecchino, A. Morris, O. Agabi, P. Chadderton, S.R. Schultz. Two-photon targeted robotic patch-clamp electrophysiological recording in vivo. Program No. 585.13. 2013 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. San Diego, CA, Society for Neuroscience, 2013. Online.

Contributors: Luca Annecchino, A Morris, O Agabi, P Chadderton, Simon Schultz (Imperial)