Neural Engineering

Transformative Technologies

Work Package: WP5
Programme: P13
Deliverable: 13.2: LabVIEW implementation of Control algorithm on scope hardware

Deliverable due date: month 36

This document reports on the progress of work on Deliverable 13.2. All the planned tasks related to this Deliverable have been accomplished.
Due to the delay between grant submission and the start of NETT, P13 as originally described had already been substantially achieved by a PhD student funded from another source. ESR12, therefore, is working on the implementation of a system for optimal sequential cellular recording in an inertial laser scanning microscope, which complements and synergizes with the other projects.
The new scanning algorithm SSA (Adaptive Spiral Scanning) mentioned in Deliverable 13.1 has been implemented into the Hardware of the microscope. This scanning strategy should theoretically (see Deliverable 13.1) be an improvement from the “Traveling salesman” algorithm. Both were implemented into Matlab/LabVIEW and were successfully tested on fluorescent micro-beads. We are currently characterizing those scanning strategies on their speed and Signal to Noise Ratio criteria. Moreover an additional set of XY Galvanometric Scanners has been built outside of the microscope. This will gave us the opportunity to test various features (e.g. Speed, Temperature, Precision) of this product in both open and close loop.
In such a way we accomplish Deliverable 13.2 and “LabVIEW implementation of Control algorithm on scope hardware“. The remaining part of P13, which is “Use of system to collect database with high cell count for characterization of neural population code” will be reported in Deliverable 13.3.

Contributors: Renaud Schuck, Simon Schultz (Imperial)