Neural Engineering

Transformative Technologies

Work Package: WP6
Programme: P16
Deliverable: 16.1: “Analysis of LFP and single activity in cultured networks”

Deliverable due date: month 30

This document reports on the progress of work on Deliverable 16.1. The planned tasks related to this Deliverable have been accomplished. The main outcome of our research within the NETT framework related to this Deliverable are two peer-reviewed publications.
To be able to analyze LFP data, we first added event-detection mechanisms to our “SPIKY” software package, which is then used to perform the data analysis. The implementation of the event-detection algorithms was performed in collaboration with Andreea Sburlea, a fellow from the NETT partner “BitBrain” in Spain. This work was partly discussed in the peer-reviewed article that appeared in the “Proceedings of the Int. Conf. on Event-based Control, Communication and Signal Processing”:
Furthermore, detailed analysis on LFP data of intra-cortical recordings from monkeys has been performed. The focus of this study was on beta phases of the LFP at time instants of spike occurrence, calculated for two different regions: Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (LPFC) and the dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex (dACC). The results have been published in as a peer-reviews article in the “Proceedings of the Int. Conf. on Engineering in Medicine and Biology”:
We note that due to unexpected technical issues in the experimental setups at the Russell Lab (UNOTT), we could not use the LFP recordings originally intended, cf. also the risk plan of WP6. Therefore, we started a collaboration with the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, where we gained access to LFP and single-unit recordings analysed in the publication above.
Finally, we are currently performing data analysis on single-unit recordings obtained at the University of Bonn and we expect to submit a publication within the next months.
We conclude that with the above publications we have accomplished Deliverable 16.1 in full compliance with the
NETT 289146 Grant Annex.

Thomas Kreuz, Nebojsa Bozanic, Mario Mulansky, Andreea Sburlea