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Refereed Journal Articles

Angulo-Garcia D. and Torcini A.
Stable chaos in fluctuation driven neural circuits
Chaos, solitons and fractals, 2014, 69, 233-245.

Angulo-Garcia D. and Torcini A.
Stochastic Mean Field Formulation of the Dynamics of Diluted Neural Networks
Phys. Rev. E., 2014, 022928.

Angulo-Garcia D., Berke J.D. and Torcini A.
Cell Assembly Dynamics of Sparsely-Connected Inhibitory Networks: A Simple Model for the Collective Activity of Striatal Projection Neurons
PLoS Computational Biology, 2016, 12(2).

Stefano Luccioli, David Angulo-Garcia, Rosa Cossart, Arnaud Malvache, Laura Modol-Vidal, Vitor H. Sousa,Paolo Bonifazi, and Alessandro Torcini
Numerical and Experimental Evidences of Operational Hubs
In preparation.

Barardi A, Sancristobal B, Garcia-Ojalvo J, 2014.
Phase-Coherence Transitions and Communuication in the Gamma Range between Delay-Coupled Neuronal Populations
PLoS Computational Biology 10(7):e1003723

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Transition between functional regimes in an integrate-and-fire network model of the thalamus
PLoS Computational Biology, under review. (preprint)

Barardi A, Lubenov EV, Garcia-Ojalvo J, Siapas AG, 2016.
Long-wavelength propagation in inhibition-dominated neuronal chains, in preparation.

Bozanic N., Mulansky, M. and Kreuz T.
Scholarpedia, 9(12):32344, 2014.,

Bozanic, N. and Kreuz, T.
SPIKY: A graphical user interface for monitoring spike train synchrony
Journal of Neurophysiology, 113 (9), pp 3432-3445, 2015.

Bozanic, N., Mulansky, M. and Kreuz, T.
Latency correction using the time-scale independent SPIKE-distance
In preparation.

Tran-Van-Minh Alexandra, Cazé, Romain D., Abrahamsson Therese, Cathala, Laurence, Gutkin Boris S., DiGregorio, David A.
Contribution of sublinear and supralinear dendritic integration to neuronal computations
Frontiers in Neuroscience 2015, 9, 67.

Cazé Romain D., Clopath Claudia, Schultz Simon
Synaptic clustering or scattering? Insight from model of synaptic plasticity in dendrites
(Submitted, under review) (preprint)

Berditchevskaia Alexandra, Cazé Romain D. and Schultz Simon R.
Performance in a GO/NOGO perceptual task reflects a balance between impulsive and instrumental components of behaviour
Scientific Reports (to appear 2016) (preprint)

Romain D. Cazé, Sarah Jarvis, Amanda Joy Foust, Simon R Schultz
Dendrites enable a robust mechanism for neuronal stimulus selectivity
(Submitted, under review) (preprint)

Romain Daniel Cazé, Amanda Joy Foust, Claudia Clopath, Simon R Schultz
On the distribution and function of synaptic clusters
(Submitted, under review) (preprint)

Gulletta, G. et al
“Nonlinear optimization for the generation of human-like synchronous bimanual movements in anthropomorphic robots”
In preparation

Herzog, N., Johnston, A., Bellamy, T., Russell, N.A.
Considerations for microfluidic flow applications involving activity in cultured neurons.
In Preparation

Maciej Jedynak, Antonio J. Pons and Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo
Cross-frequency transfer in a stochastically driven mesoscopic brain model
Frontiers of Computational Neuroscience journal, 9:14, 2015.

Kasap, B. & Van Opstal, A. J.
A spiking neural network model of the midbrain superior colliculus that generates saccadic motor commands (under review for Biological Cybernetics).

Rivera-Rubio, J.M., Kasap, B., Bozanic, N., Arulkumaran, K. and Bharath, A.A.
Population coding via matrix equilibriation
In preparation.

Rivera-Rubio, J.M., Kasap, B., Bozanic, N. and Bharath, A.A.
Reconstructing place fields with visual stimuli.
In preparation.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L., Minguez, J.
Asynchronous detection of kinesthetic attention during mobilization of lower limbs using EEG measurements
Journal of Neural Engineering, 13(1):016018, 2016.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L.
Beyond p-values in the evaluation of brain-computer interfaces.
PeerJ Preprints, No. e1828v1, 2016.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L.
Beyond p-values in the evaluation of brain–computer interfaces: A Bayesian estimation approach. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 270: p. 30-45, 2016.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L.
Simulation-based experimental design for brain decoding studies
In preparation.

Mario Mulanksy and Karsten Ahnert
Odeint Library
Scholarpedia, 9(12):32342 (2014).,

M. Mulansky and T. Kreuz
PySpike - A Python library for analyzing spike train synchrony
SoftwareX, in press (2016);

Thomas Kreuz, Mario Mulansky and Nebojsa Bozanic
SPIKY: A graphical user interface for monitoring spike train synchrony
Journal of Neurophysiology, 113, 9, pp 3432-3445 (2015).

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Optics Express, 2014.

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IEEE JSTQE 21(6), 2015

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New Journal of Physics 17, 093002 2015

Kappen, Hilbert Johan, and Hans Christian Ruiz
Adaptive importance sampling for control and inference
Journal of Statistical Physics 162, no. 5 (2016): 1244-1266.

Ruiz, H-Ch, and H. J. Kappen.
Particle Smoothing for Hidden Diffusion Processes: Adaptive Path Integral Smoother
Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2016.
arXiv preprint

Sburlea A.I., Montesano, L., Minguez, J.
Continuous detection of the self-initiated walking pre-movement state from EEG correlates without session-to-session recalibration.
Journal of Neural Engineering, 12, 3, 036007, 2014.

Sburlea, A. I., Montesano, L., Cano de la Cuerda, R., Alguacil Diego, I., Miangolarra-Page, J. C., Minguez, J.
Detecting intention to walk in stroke patients from pre-movement EEG correlates.
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 12:113, 2015.

Sburlea, A. I., Montesano, L. Minguez, J.
Advantages of EEG phase patterns for the detection of gait intention in healthy and stroke patients.
Submitted to Frontiers in Neuroscience, section Neuroprosthetics.

Thalmeier, Dominik, Marvin Uhlmann, Hilbert J. Kappen, and Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer.
Learning universal computations with spikes
Plos Computational Biology, 2016.

Thalmeier, Dominik, Vicenç Gómez, and Hilbert J. Kappen.
Action selection in growing state spaces: Control of Network Structure Growth
Submitted to J Phys A, 2016.
arXiv preprint

S. Visser and S.A. van Gils
Lumping Izhikevich neurons
EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 2:6 (2014)

Bas-Jan Zandt , Sid Visser, Michel J. A. M. van Putten, Bennie ten Haken
A neural mass model based on single cell dynamics to model pathophysiology
Journal of Computational Neuroscience, December 2014, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 549-568.

K. Dijkstraa, S.A. van Gils, S.G. Janssens, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, S. Visser
Pitchfork–Hopf bifurcations in 1D neural field models with transmission delays
Physica D, March 2015, 297, pp88-101.

S. Coombes, R. Nicks and S. Visser
Standing and travelling waves in a spherical brain model: the Nunez model revisited
Physica D (submitted).

S. Visser
Efficient evaluation of discretized neural fields with many delays
In preparation.

Ferreira, F., Erlhagen, W., Wotjak, W., Sousa, E., Bicho, E.
Rapid learning of complex sequences with time constraints: A neural field model
Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems

Wojtak, W., Ferreira, F., Louro, L., Bicho E., Erlhagen, W.
Adaptive timing for fluent human-robot interactions.
In preparation

Conference Proceedings

Annecchino L., Morris A., Agabi O., Chadderton P. and Schultz S.R. Two-photon targeted robotic patch-clamp electrophysiological recording in vivo Program No. 585.13. 2013
Abstract Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Washington, DC: Society for Neuroscience. Online.

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Gulletta, G., Araújo, S. M., Costa e Silva, E., Costa, M.F., Erlhagen, W., Bicho, E. Nonlinear optimization for human-like synchronous movements of a dual arm-hand robotics system AIP Conference Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM 2014), Rhodes, Greece, September, 22-28, 2014

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Stability of neuronal culture spiking activity under rapid microfluidic flow
10th International Meeting on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrode Arrays (Conference)

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Discriminating Between Attention and Mind Wandering During Movement Using EEG Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2014, Graz, Austria, September 2014.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L., Minguez, J.
Improved estimates of BCI accuracy with hierarchical Bayesian models
Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting 2016, Asilomar, CA, USA, June 2016.

Melinscak, F., Montesano, L.
Sample size determination for BCI studies: how many subjects and trials?
Proceedings of the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’16), Orlando, FL, USA, 2016.

Mulansky, M., Sburlea, A., Bozanic, N. and Kreuz, T.
A guide to time-resolved and parameter-free measures of spike-train synchrony
IEEE Proc. First Intl. Conf on Event-Based Control, Communication and Signal Processing, pp 1-8, 2015. Also poster abstract in BMC Neuroscience. (BMC version) (IEEE version)

C. Quintero-Quiroz ; Taciano Sorrentino ; M. C. Torrent ; Cristina Masoller Analysis of the effects of periodic forcing in the spike rate and spike correlation's in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback Proc. SPIE 9892, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics VII, 98921T (April 28, 2016).

Andrés Aragoneses ; Taciano Sorrentino ; C. Quintero-Quiroz ; Sandro Perrone ; M. C. Torrent ; Cristina Masoller Effects of modulation in the complex dynamics of a semiconductor laser with feedback Proc. SPIE 9892, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics VII, 98920E (April 28, 2016)

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Detecting walking intention using EEG phase patterns
Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting 2016, Asilomar, CA, USA, June 2016.

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Wojtak W., Coombes S., Bicho E., Erlhagen W. Combining spatial and parametric working memory in a dynamic neural field model Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
ICANN 2016, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 9886, pp 411-418

Publications not directly involving fellows but related to NETT activity


Andrzejak RG, Mormann F, Kreuz T. Detecting determinism from point processes. Physical Review E 90, 062906 (2014)
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Submitted 2016

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Conference Proceedings

Agabi O., Marchand P., Mutlu M., Klotz L. and Schultz S.R.
Calcium imaging in temporal focus
Proceedings of the 6th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, San Diego, November 2013.

Jarvis S., Nikolic K., Grossman N. and Schultz S.R.
Controlling the neuronal balancing act: Optical coactivation of excitation and inhibition in neuronal subdomains
BMC Neuroscience 14 Suppl 1, P348. 2013 (Abstracts from CNS 2013 – Computational Neuroscience Meeting, July 2013)

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Jarvis S., Grossman N., Schultz S.R. and Nikolic K.
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Ion Channels in Health and Disease: a symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley. 2013

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