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Outreach from NETT

Fellows are highlighted in bold.

Sid Visser
University of Nottingham ‘MayFest’ community day, 2013 and 2014.

with Steve Coombes, Stephan van Gils (University of Twente) and Paul Tiesinga (Donders Institute): “Brain equations: challenges and next generation mathematical models”, at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, Netherlands (April 13-17, 2015).

Romain Caze
blog and Twitter feed @romaincaze.

Mario Mulansky
Talk in a C++ Usergroup meeting (March 17 2015, Berlin, Germany): "Utilize your CPU power: Cache optimizations and SIMD instructions”.

Talk in a
C++ community meeting (June 20 2015, Florence, Italy): Utilize your CPU power: Cache optimizations and SIMD instructions" (

Talk at Meeting C++ (December 5 2015, Berlin, Germany): Utilize your CPU power - Cache optimizations and SIMD instructions

Hans Ruiz
Donders discussion 2014 (poster)

Dominik Thalmeier
Donders discussion 2013 and 2014 (poster)

Bahadir Kasap
Donders discussion 2013 (organisation)

Donders discussion 2014 (poster)

Wonders Wonders
blog post “It matters where you look?”/“Waar kick je nou naar?”

Nitzan Herzog
“Pub-hD” (16 April 2014 ‘Neuroscience Special’) – discussions in a pub where members of the public can ask questions about academic research carried out by PhD students.

Work with Pharmacy department on neuronal secreted factors.

University of Nottingham ‘MayFest’ community day, 2014.

Alessandro Barardi
Participation to
Neuro-UN conference in Barcelona. This UN conference was open to general public and professionists and aimed at answering questions about research in neuroscience made by the members of the audience.

Alban Levy
Talk on ‘Mathematics for the Neurosciences’ in a local high school.
Participated in a Big Data Kaggle challenge on epilepsy in 2015, and came 35th out of 500 teams.
Institute for Hearing Research (IHR) Winter & Summer Student Days 2015, in Nottingham.
Mini Workshop in School of Mathematics, 2015.
Presentation of a poster on 11 December 2014 to EPSRC Healthcare Technologies team, research funding council in the UK.

Attendance at UK "SET for Britain" event in March 2016, held at the House of Commons in London, presenting to an audience of MPs (see the

Gianpaolo Gulletta
Helped in the software development part of using skills developed during his PhD. Behind the website there is a neural network learning the activity of the users in order to predict a 3D printing setup. He designed and developed this network according to dynamic field theory, skills obtained through attending the summer school in Germany.

Carlos Quintero
III Jornada, Barcelona, Spain, 19 June 2014 (poster)

IV Jornada, Barcelona, Spain, 25 May 2015 (poster)

V Jornada, Barcelona, Spain, 19 May 2016 (poster)

Jornada d’Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinaria
(JIPI), Barcelona, Spain, 2 February 2016 (poster)

Maciek Jedynak
Participation in an educational program for children in Morocco, Erfoud, August 2014.
"Casal de Verano" is a program organized by Non-Government Organization ITRAN, which aims at helping children and their families in the poor areas of Morocco. The program is a two week summer camp filled with classes for over 100 children. Activities, besides games, contain lessons (Maciej prepared the mathematics class), such as teaching on everyday safety and hygiene. Maciej also worked as the Camp Director's assistant.

Volunteering to promote science to the public on the Open Day in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, 4 October 2014, Barcelona ( This is an event meant to show to the public research conducted in Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), in particular research in genetics. This particular event had an aim of rising awareness about the danger of UV radiation. Maciej was part of the staff on a microscopes stand presenting to the public the basic research tools used in the PRBB genetic laboratories.

Luca Annecchino
Presentation in a junior school in London, UK -2014.

Renaud Schuck
Presented a 1st year bioengineering master class in France (September 2014).

Volunteer at the Imperial festival (May 2016).

Stefania Garasto
Participation as a volunteer coordinator in the
Brain Zone stands organised at the Imperial Festival, at Imperial College London (9-10 May 2015).

David Angulo Garcia
Introductory talk on Computational Neurosciences at a non-neuroscience group seminar, Manizales, Colombia, September 2014.

Nebojsa Bozanic
Nebojsa undertook considerable outreach activity to promote SPIKY, including:

It is also worth noting that Alessandro Torcini gave a presentation in July 2015 to the Italian Prime Minister, other dignitaries and notables from industry and academia in Israel as part of an official visit to Tel Aviv University (Alessandro is the coordinator of the Italian-Israeli lab on neuroscience there). This provided the opportunity to promote NETT to a new audience.

Alessandro Torcini also took part in a radio interview on RadioEnel about the SPIKY software package in September 2015.

Andreea Sburlea
Collaboration with the University Clinical Hospital (URJC) from Madrid for stroke patients’ data collection (July and November 2014).

Worked on the implementation of the real-time detector of walking intention in the CORBYS FP7 project in the area of Cognitive Systems and Robotics (December 2014 to January 2015).

Filip Melinscak
Developed two industrial projects related to neurotechnology and brain computer interfaces, and acted as advisor of the main development team.

Talk to students in engineering and computer science at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Organised by the Croatian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CROMBES) and the Croatian chapter of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), 7 January 2016. (in Croatian, with English synopsis)

Steve Coombes presented at the ‘LMS Prospects in Mathematics 2015’ event in December 2015 at Loughborough University, UK. This was a symposium for potential research students in mathematics. Coombes gave an overview of NETT as part of the event.

Alessandro Torcini organised an event in Dresden, Germany in 2016 which supported NETT outreach: Simon Schultz also participated.